Trifecta offers strategic consulting at every phase of Program and Project Management. Each phase is unique and is an essential building block to ensure that your organization can successfully deliver the value and outcome that it is targeting. We will be your trusted partner and guide you during each step of the process.

Business Case Development

The classical definition of project success centers on achieving results on time, on budget, and producing the agreed deliverables: the triple constraints of time, cost, and scope. Yet, over the past decade there has been a growing recognition that creating the requested deliverables does not ensure “success.” An increased emphasis on results has brought businesses—and non-commercial organizations—to focus on the “value” projects bring to the organizations that commission them. Not just “what did you build” but “did what you built justify the investment in the time and resources to create it.” With a sputtering world economy, an organization cannot afford to spend limited resources without assurance that it has used those resources wisely.

The formal name for this justification is “Business Case.” While the term “business” is used, the concept is as relevant in non-commercial environments—governments, not-for-profits, NGO’s, etc.—where it may be known as a “case statement” (or similar terminology). – Reference PMI

Business Process Analysis and Re Design

Process reengineering is redefining how work gets done. Experience has shown us that many vendors and large firms (Big 5) struggle with executing true BPR. Often, the client is forced into a system that is a “cut and paste” of the old system. Opportunities to improve business processes are lost during this process and the client is left trying to service their customers with a more “clunkier” system. Trifecta will take the time to truly understand your business and work with the process stakeholders to help identify organizational efficiencies before the core project starts.    We have a depth of experience employing Six Sigma, Lean Sigma and Process Optimization that can be employed before you start a technology modernization project or if you are looking to maximize your organizations throughput, customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

Proposal Development

Tackling procurements can seem daunting and many organizations believe that this task should be left to the legal team.   It is imperative that the business, technology, and legal teams all take part in this key stage of project initiation.   Trifecta provides seasoned consultants that can offer strategic input or completely take the reins to help alleviate internal pressures.

Project Management Office “PMO”

Organizations are realizing that having a centralized Program or Project Management Office is essential to enhancing business value, IT management, improving interactions with constituents (public sector), customers (IT) and driving revenues (private sector). Trifecta has the resources and reach back capabilities to “right size” the PMO or Enterprise PMO needs. We start this process by conducting a full analysis of your organization before recommending any tools or processes. The initial analysis helps to ensure that we are making best use of your time and resources.

Project Governance

Governance is the framework, functions and processes that guide activities in project, program and portfolio management. In organizational project management (OPM), governance provides guidance, decision making and oversight for the OPM strategic execution framework.

Gartner Consulting cites lack of Project Governance as a leading root cause of project failures. Trifecta will help identify the appropriate stakeholder structure based on business needs, external-political factors and project/program size.

Project Budgeting

Experience shows that business and technology projects are traditionally underbid. The sourcing of vendors to implement a new solution often leads to the “lower cost’ bidder winning, which often leads to large change orders and projects overrunning their planned budget. Our team will work with your organization during the business case development phase to help define reasonable budgets based on the scope, size and magnitude of the project.

Vendor Management

Many States and Businesses have found that managing a vendor or System Integrator (SI) can be more than a full-time job.   In addition, internal resources may not have the time or breadth of experience to manage the teams that the vendors often deploy, leading to “forced” delivered able sign offs and requirements that may not meet your organizational needs. We bring a depth of experience, processes and standards to manage vendors, SI’s and subcontractors of every size.

Organizational Change Management

Disruptive trends may be technology-related or business-related. These trends impact the business direction and may alter it positively or negatively. Like any disruption, the organization must can address disruptive trends at any time to leverage opportunities or mitigate negative impact. One of the main challenges to launching a project or changing organizational direction is the internal culture and fear of the unknown.   Trifecta offers strategies and veteran resources that will work with your teams to identify and overcome the internal challenges that could be blocking your organizations’ path to success. In addition, we offer strategic workshops to plan your vision and develop roadmaps to implement your business and technology objectives;

Agile Project Management

The technology and business world are rapidly changing. Agile project managed allows the organization to “see” the results before millions of dollars are spent on vendor’s large systems that my not meet your organizational needs. The “Agile” method employs raid prototyping so that your team can patriciate in the actual design and see the results each step of the way, allowing you to make changes on the fly.